Sample VPN setup screenshots for various Operating Systems

In the sample screen shots; all VPN Server references are made to

Operating System  
Windows 7 Setup Example
Windows 8 Setup Example
Mac OSX Sierra and above Setup Example
Mac OSX Setup Example
iPhone/iPad iOS Setup Example
Linux Setup Example
Android Setup Example

If you are running a Firewall program on your computer (which you should, actually), please do not forget to add the IP address of to the list of trusted hosts.

See an example here for ZoneAlarm

Bilkent VPN Services use the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) to establish connection between the campus network and off-campus computers.

All the operating systems that you see at the left come with their standard VPN Client software. Normally you shouldn't need to install any new software. These client software, however, are not setup by default. You will need to setup them as shown in these samples.

Please note that VPN connections require a special VPN Account. Click here to open your VPN account.