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VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Services

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What is VPN?

VPN is an Internet service which enables a computer located outside the Bilkent network to become part of the Bilkent network; hence enabling the user to access to those services restricted to Bilkent Network.

A good example is accessing Library Resources (which are restricted to users located on Bilkent University network) when the user is geographically located somewhere else.

Please note:
If your computer or mobile device
is connected to Bilkent campus network,
you DO NOT NEED a VPN Connection.

Requirements for making a VPN connection to Bilkent Network

  1. A STARS or BAIS account (students have STARS accounts, faculty and staff have BAIS accounts)
  2. A VPN account (which you can open here, if you do not already have one)
  3. A computer capable of establishing a VPN connection
  4. Proper settings on your computer or mobile device
  5. Initiating a connection whenever needed

Why a separate account?

Simply to secure users' STARS/BAIS passwords.

Establishing a VPN connection

  1. Make sure that you have a VPN account (VPN userID and its password). If you do not have one, open a new account for yourself using the form below.
  2. Setup/create a VPN connection on your computer/tablet/phone. Procedures for setting up or creating a VPN connection depends on your operating system and will also vary a lot with its versions. You can see some example setting screen-shots here, but it is best that you check your operating system manufacturer's support documentation for most accurate information.
    For the technically inclined:
    VPN TypePPTP (Point to point tunneling protocol)L2TP-IPSec (For MacOSX Sierra users)
    EncryptionYes; Automatic (128 or 40 bit)
    Secret (Pre-shared key)
  3. Start the VPN connection using the procedures that your operating system requires (see your OpSys documentation on how to initiate a VPN connection. The screen-shots mentioned above may also be helpful.)
  4. Make sure that the VPN connection is established. Open up a web browser and visit or a similar site. A Google search on keywords "my ip" will also report your IP address. If your IP address is reported as a 139.179.x.y address, then the VPN connection is established. Otherwise it means there is something wrong somewhere.
  5. Once the connection is established; all your Internet traffic will go through Bilkent University. This will slow down your Internet access and impose Bilkent Campus Network usage policy. Bilkent security and firewall filters will be in effect for your Internet activity. Please do not forget to disconnect the VPN when you do not need your computer to be part of Bilkent network anymore.
    What can go wrong?

    Several things...

    • The firewall or Internet security software installed on your computer could be blocking VPN traffic.
    • The latest operating system update might have disabled VPN or changed your VPN settings (we have seen this many times).
    • Mac OSX users will need to check the option "Send all traffic over the VPN connection" box under the "Advanced" settings option of their VPN setup screen.
    • Your Internet service provider could be blocking VPN traffic (we know that at least one major ISP is doing this).
    • Your Internet connection device might require a simple tweak on its settings to enable PPTP VPN traffic. KabloNet and UyduNet subscribers might need to enable PPTP in their modem settings (support should be available through the provider's support line).
    • The network you are using to connect your device to the Internet might be blocking VPN traffic (a lot of companies do this on their office networks).
    • There might a mistake in the VPN settings.
    • You can contact for assistance. Please provide as much detailed information as possible related to your problem; like error messages, screen-shots etc. A message like "I cannot connect to VPN" is not descriptive enough.

Opening/Managing a VPN account

In order to open or to manage a VPN account (e.g change its password), you must login using the following form with a valid STARS or BAIS ID; i.e. you must either be a Bilkent student or Bilkent affiliate. Only current students and staff are eligible for VPN accounts. Unfortunately Bilkent Alumni cannot use the VPN services due to Library's online resources' licenses.

Please enter your Bilkent ID and password to prove your Bilkent affiliation.
Submitting invalid ID and/or passwords for more than two times
will block further access to this page for 20 minutes.

Your BAIS/STARS password:

Click here for VPN Client Software Setup examples.

Important notice for Kablonet/Uydunet users: You must enable PPTP option in your kablonet-modem settings to be able to connect to VPN network.

Important notice for Macintosh users: Please do not forget to check "Send all traffic over the VPN connection" option under the "Advanced" settings of the VPN Connection screen. Otherwise your browser traffic will not go through the VPN connection.